Urgent - Sega Saturn needed

Guys - I totally need a Sega Saturn, and fast! This is an emergency!! A matter of life and death!!! Humanity is at stake!!!!!!11 Ok, not really, but I'm dying to get one and they're rare as fuck here - so, if you're living around Cologne, Germany and happen to have one(working or not) for sale, contact me at info@dforce3000.de and I'll pick it up immediately. Thanks!

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King of Fighters 2000

-SNES version dumped & cracked by yours truly-

985_1304723948.pngYet again thanks to Lord Azathoth for supplying the cartridge. This game was previously undumped, so I've included both the unaltered dump and a cracked version. Protection-wise, it's still the same stupid crap DVS has been using since Pocket Monsters.

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King of Fighters '99 (Genesis) cracked

900_1301824489.pngHere's a cracked Genesis game for a change. Thanks again to Lord Azathoth for pointing me in the right direction. Unfortunately, there seems to be some confusion regarding these copy protected pirate games on the genesis. Some newer emulators emulate these protections, but a couple of cracked ROMs already exist aswell, although it's not always obvious which versions are cracked and which aren't. Anyway, this game actually looks rather nice compared to its SNES counterparts, gone is the jerky framerate and the graphics look rather clean. Let me know if you have problems.

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Level up!

-Street Fighter EX plus Alpha HKO cracked-

777_1301610789.pngI already had a look at the ROM dump of Street Fighter EX plus Alpha some years ago. This game is an HKO, an unlicensed beat 'em up based on a crappy engine using graphics ripped from a CPS 2 arcade game (My best guess would be Street Fighter Alpha 2 or 3). However, upon seeing that it used the same protection as Tekken 2 (which I had to obtain a cartridge of to be able to crack it), I gave up early. Thanks to Lord Azathoth, my interest in cracking this game was renewed and as it turns out, it was comparably easy to crack because the programmers were rather sloppy implementing the copy protection. In fact, they were so sloppy that they forgot to take out a debug protection override in one place, saving me some trouble. ;)

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old releases online again

-this stuff could almost be considered ancient by now-

933_1285438873.pngI released a variety of SNES-related stuff in the past years, none of which was downloadable here anymore when this site was relaunched. Due to numerous requests, I'm posting them here again, enjoy.

Cracked Hong Kong Originals (HKOs):

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